Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down...

Well here I am, falling lower and lower into the hole. I just want to be happy, to enjoy life with out so many lows. I am so tired, tired of living like this, tired of the effort that I must put forth just to make it another day, hour, minute... it's so hard to keep afloat. You only hope that someone notices, gives you that laugh that you need to make it along. Maybe a stranger holding the door, acknowledging your existence. A smile, a kind word, just someone telling you that you are loved, needed, wanted.... not alone. I've tried, I admit it, I'll try again... some day, just not today. Today I vent, let it all out and hope that it helps. When the day comes, when I hit that low again, I won't vent, I won't cry out, I'll just go, away, forever and leave the pain behind. But until that day, I sit here, typing, seeking that smile... to carry me along. No razors, no pills, just me & no where to hide.

Ashes Ashes We All Fall Down...


If you suffer from depression or bipolar go to www.dbsalliance.org and seek help. Don't suffer like me...


*Don't panic... today isn't the day, not yet...

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3 Responses Jul 2, 2007

Yay ur feeling better .

I love you guys dearly but Im good (except for the allergic thing) this story was from JULY... LOL

You are so loved, probobly not as you would like at the moment. But Beloved nevertheless.<br />
Look up, childwoman so many of us here smile for you. You are fighting the good fight. catching your share of hard shots, no damnn doubt. But truly alone? Pick up the phone. <br />
Hell ya win womens hearts and captivate mens souls left and right. . Everybody want split.<br />
<br />
Warm fuzzie ones upon ya kiddo.<br />
Dx<br />
Now smile dammit!