I miss my friends. They all hang out with each other without me :,( it's an awful feeling. Nobody wants to be around me anymore... I just want it all to end.
Brudy6 Brudy6
22-25, M
2 Responses Aug 17, 2014

My "friends " would do the same thing to me. Meet up and not invite me. They ain't real friends. There are others who love you and want to be around you, you just have to find them. They may not seem like obvious, but they're there--the ones who always smile at you or stop to talk. I've just started to find real friends

Same😞 I have no idea why my "friends" put me in their group chat bc they always make plans without me. It's not like "everyone but gabby, come to my house blah blah blah", it's like "Anna, Lynn and destiny, come to my house blah blah blah". I want to tell them that I'm not gonna act like their friend if they're gonna exclude me from everything but idk how to speak my mind😕