I Think Ive Reached the End..

i thought hey heres a site maybe some friends ..

whats wrong with me why no friends.. online offline

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Look me up on here if you want a chat about something. I have a lot of probs in my life but I kinda ''keep on keeping on'' no matter how crappy I feel, I'm not on here often, but if I see a msg I always reply. take care..

Freind me im good for a laugh.

omg. what do i do ? where can i go? how do i get out of this and into a better life. i no it doesnt have to be this way. i no life is out there.how did i let myself get here and become this person. if my husband saw me writing this he would take the comp from me like he does so many times along w/ my phone and tell me to get out of HIS house.i never was like this nor lived like this b4. never thought abuse was real. nor understood how a woman would live with it. truth is i sometimes think the only way i can make the right decission is if he...........never mind.i am a ***** a ***** tohear him say and i am scared really. but dont no how or have the guts to get out. i have been so mentaly beat. last night i was told "get out of MY house or i'll put you out" he then took my phone and comp. what do i do? this is my 2nd marriage. my 1st was so opposite. i knew i was loved and cared for.we broke up for other unrelated reasons than this. he blames me has resons for why he hurts me etc... i am so tired of feeling like i have to be lucky sleep in HIS HOUSE and every way of communication taken away.

I came to this site to make friends too. I'll be your friend, you don't have to feel lonely anymore. :-)

now you have two friends...keep going i bet others will also say "hello"...how are you? what do you do for fun?

I have had days the same as you are having. Its hard when there are not people to talk to, evn just people out there to say Hi and see how you are doing. Or have your phone ring and see that someone is calling you, and its not a bill collector or a wrong number.<br />
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Take a deep breath. Sometimes it helps me to make a cup of tea or coffee, go out on the patio and stare at the trees and sky for awhile.<br />
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Tomorrow is a new day. It will be better. Atleast, it will be a new day and a new chance for new friends and new opportunites. <br />
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