All Alone

I've came to reaslise that depression as robbed me of my youth. I have acquaintances ppl i see at work of college, but nobody i can call a friend.

I desparatley just want to meet someone who understands me, and doesn't just dismiss me for being weird. But it's so hard, where i live there are no support groups for depression. I feel as if I'm always going to suffering from this loneliness

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Honey, wait until you get another 20 years and still going through what you are going through. It is maddening! You sound like me! But, when I was your age, I was very active, had lots of dates, lived in Seattle....very independent....but at the end of the day, our stories are the same; even moreso now. I am so glad to see that there are others like me. We all need to get an island and be each others friends; I know that sounds corny...sorry.

I understand what you mean about being lonely and depressed. I have almost no friends, work a boring, lonely job and everyday is just the same boring, lonely situation. I could use help too.

where are you?

This is an interesting topic and one I truely understand. I have felt an enomous dissconnect from my family and the world. I don't think there is anything weird about it and I think more people choose not to admit it or pretend it doesn't exist. This is a hard world to live in and especially when you are alone. The good news is that I am a little older than you; only to demonstrate that it can be done.... and with social networking today, you are never to far to finally find a friend.

So sorry that you feel this way. I've been there so i kinda know how it is. People are people, none of us can force them to accept us as we are. <br />
But God is there and He will accept you as you. I dont know if you're a believer or not, but that was my first step in dealing with this. He taught me to love myself first, make peace with who we are. If the world can't accept it, that's because the issue is with them not you. <br />
Just walk your given path with gratitude, faith and hard work. Real people who understand and appreciate the same value will come along, maybe it'll be a long walk but hang on there, you'll see that things will start changing when you allow them to.<br />
<br />

i hear ya. it's been like this for me my whole life. it's so hard to explain to people what's going on in your head, even psychiatrists don't really understand. it's hard. I fight everyday to get through the day. it's so hard. but one day, i hope i can find help and get better. that's what is getting me through.

If you feel you've been depressed a long time, perhaps seeing a doctor and getting appropriate medication could help. I have suffered from dysthymia my whole life but have taken medication since 1988. Dysthymia is where you run a low-grade depression every day. It never gets cured, but you can manage your life. Best of luck to you.