Depressed and Lonely

So, recently i have become very distant wit the people i use to be around with all the time. I really don't know what happened. I barely talk to my best friend anymore. And my other friends i usually just see on the weekend. I just feel so lonely and distant from everyone and dunno how to express how i feel. It's like they know i am not feelin the best but they seem to just keep their distance from me. My 3 main friends have been hanging out with each other and not one of em had called me or asked me to be around with them. The only one i know for sure who can be their for me is Alese. She's been their for me a lot recently then my supposed "best" friend Danni. I dunno what to do anymore though cuz i still feel lonely. And on top of that i am depressed because i really hate being single. I have no idea how to find a guy for me. Or how to even think about getting one for myself. I just have no idea what to do anymore. I just feel like sitting in my room with the lights off, listening to sad songs, and weep quietly to myself....
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You are suffering from depression,please talk to your doctor he will do doubt put you in touch with a therapist,you must do something about this,it is very important,depression does not get better by itself .You are still very young,you will find a partner,once you are well enough to get involved in different activities with other people.Take care.

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read your story and i know what your talking about. that's exactly how i've been feeling lately. my one friend is always busy with her boyfriend and who wants to be a third wheel? my other friend dumped me for friends that do drugs all the time. it hurt for awhile but i realized i'm better then that, i'm better than them. <br />
it's easy to want to just lay in bed all day and be depressed about yourself and everything in general, but what you have to think about is that the world still keeps moving, things still happen no matter what we're doing. just try to get up and clean for a short time or read or something, just so your active. it'll help and you'll start to feel a little bit better. keep doing stuff every day and don't let yourself fall into a rut, when you do that then it's hard to get yourself out of it. well i wish you luck and if you ever want to talk again i'm here.

Hi! I hope you're feeling better. You sound like you could be clinically depressed. I'm no doctor, but I've been there. Getting psycological help and medication may help you. Best of luck.