Unhappy and Lonely

im so lonely, i have my family and i love them all so much, but im only 18 and i have no friends. i used to but then i got depressed,i dropped out of school and i can no longer leave my house.all my friends left and now i have no-one. i take tablets every day but i dont know if they are working. i sometimes have good days but not so many.today is not a very good day.i wish i had friends that would understand what i feel like. all my old friends seem so happy. i hope that one day i will be able to make some good friends who wont judge me or be horrible to me.

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3 Responses Oct 3, 2009

I'm so so sorry :( It'll get better..with time..give it just a little time <3

Damn, I know this story. I've been there and still am. Lost all my friends in high school for no reason and haven't been able to make friends with anyone since. It's lonely. I'm on tablets too, antidepressants, been on them for almost two weeks and I hope they'll help. If you're still on this site, message me if you'd like to talk (although I'm not very good at conversations- I'm a little out of practice- it's been a while :]).

Thats sweet of you to reach out and speak to him even with your social anxiety I know how hard it is.. :) &lt;3

I know how you feel.I hope things are better since you wrote this.