There Is No One..

to comfort me now. I'm an orphan. :(

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3 Responses Jan 12, 2010

Your not a orphan , You are a child of God.<br />
I have no family but a disabled Dad<br />
I never knew until He got physically disabled. My mom dumped in in <br />
Newport , Oregon as a vey young child.... Yes I have PTSD.<br />
She said she would be back in a week. Lol.. It sure has been a long week. I will keep you in my prayers.<br />
For I realized after getting Cancer ; I had not 1 true friend. So I can relate. I live a lonely life but I know <br />
And learned that I can only " trust in <br />
God " and trust myself. I have had a very rejected life and always wonder what I have done so bad to deserve this..... I am a " giver" not a <br />
"Receiver " I have no clue to ask for help for it makes me feel so " guilty"<br />
Anyway , know your not alone. Take time on a great star no could <br />
Find the brightest one and know <br />
By the beauty of stars one star is <br />
The brightest because it is "shining"<br />
Down on you!!!!

Thank you. *Hugs* to you as well.

Hug :)