I have been at college for almost a year now.  i made some friends last semester but this semester i dont really know anyone.  i have the same roommates and we thought we were pretty close but they all go their seperate ways.  my best friend has a girlfriend that is a ..... yeah she is over at our apartment all day long every day. i absolutley cannot stand her so i hate being home because they are there. i have nowhere else to go because i have no friends.  I am shy until i get to know someone or maybe i lack self confidence.  either way i am still a bit anti social.  if anyone is reading this i want them to know i am not just another emo kid.  i have a lot of friends at home and i am a happy person. My biggest problem is that i go to a church school and i don't really fit into the byui mold.  i have a class in a half an hour so maybe things will go well with cute girl i sit next to.  i just need one friend.  "if a man has but one friend, he is a rich man"

Today while i was walking between classes i saw two people i know but they did not see me. i feel as if i am invisible.  All of these moods combine into an uncureable anxiety that leaves me with no motivation to do anything. 

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Your not the only person that feels that way. You should place yourself outside of your comfort level so that you may grow and increase your confidence. Success can be your motivation. Just try, once you succeed once you will want to continue.<br />
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I'm not some emo kid either; I don't have any friends. I know how it goes..<br />
Life goes on whether I'm happy or sad. Ill do my best to be happy.<br />
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How did it go with that girl?