Old Times

ok so here it goes.  i met my youngest sons father 25 years ago, we had a very passionate relationship sometimes violent. had sex at least 2 times a day. found out that he was having sex with other girls just as much,  he was sweet talking me everytime he came to sleep with me telling me that he wanted to marry me. my dream come true!!! finally figured it out, i thought that i would die without him. cried, got pissed,m got revenge,and MOVED ON !!!! started a new relationship, i always stayed friends with him for my sons sake. (after all he was the love of my life )  the nextguy i fell for was great for a while, he became very comfortable living in my house, letting me pay the bills, watching me stress.  he never went to bars , always came right home after work. he started helping me pay the bills but after 10 years i asked for a commitment. he did not want to marry me. found out that my sons father was very ill. i made the decision me and my son to get a house with him to take care of him and to let him and my now 16 year old son to spend their time together. good for awhile but i am home alone at night because he works nights and of course my 16 year old is doing his thing.he sleepswhen he si not working, witch means we have no time together. however he still finds the time to hang out in bars with his friends. no more sex due to his illness (yay) my ex wants me back .loves the hell out of me. i am fubar

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I can only say that i am touched by this, your love goes trough everyting..