I'm Alone, Like I've Always Been...

I move a lot and often have a chance to make new friends, however i never get to keep them for long. I've never been able to get along with guys my own age, they always happen to be girls. The problem is that when ever I become really good friends with her I end up falling in love with her, and she never loves me back. It always ends up in tearing my heart out and leaving me alone till I move again. I try to stay alone but my best memories are with friends. When I'm alone I tend to reflect on what I've done wrong and what I could of done instead. I've moved again and I can't decided if I should risk it anymore. Has anyone out there been here before? Or has it ended up killing us all alone?
11lorddc1 11lorddc1
13-15, M
2 Responses Mar 4, 2010

well i havent moved but i was really good friends with this guy and it seemed like he also liked me but when we beqan 6th qrade we diidnt talk alot but there were alot of akward moments like when we saw eachother. but now i have him aqain in 8th qrade and i wanna qet over him..i think i am cuz i met this new boy and i do like him but its still hard to forget about my 1st crush<br />
i quess my point is just wait till you meet that one person who enjoys to be with you everyday, who keeps in touch with you even when your far away and dont worry you still have alot of time to find someone trully special

I've moved tonnes in my life, so I definitely know where you're coming from with that. If you fall in love with literally every female friend you ever get close to I think you probably fall in love too easily, and may not fully understand it. I'm not teasing you or anything here, just giving an oppinion that could very well be wrong. My idea of love is that it doesn't happen that easy though, and you should learn to be friends with people without wanting more.