My Husband Doesn't Show Any Affection.

He hasn't shown any affection since 2 years after we got married. First it was because he worked too much and now its just gotten worse since he got hurt and has been through 30 surgeries that i have cared for him through. He doesn't seem to care at all about my feelings! I want to leave him but he puts me on a guilt trip every time i want to leave. I'm tired of feeling alone and i have been going through this for over 16 years. Just a hug or a kiss everyday would be nice. He is very negative and even my kids that r grown think i should leave him, but he cries and says he has no one but he does have his family even though they have never helped any of the times he has been in hospital it all falls on me. I want to live my life and be happy. He totally stresses me every single day. I would stay his friend, but i want a husband who will really love me and show affection. Don't know what to do anymore! So unhappy about this relationship.
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1 Response Jun 16, 2012

I am sorry to hear that you are emotional abused by your husband. Maybe you should leave him, life is short and maybe is time for you to be yourself again. My best friend was dating a guy who would emotionally abused her saying he is committing suicide of she leaves. Guess what? She finally had her family stopping her from meeting/talking with him and he was ok, she got married has kids and he is still alive. We have one life and if you don't feel love and I don't see that you love him, what is the purpose of wasting your life? You deserve better treatment and life. I don't know if staying friends with him will help you. Good luck!