How To Explain How This Feels Like

How can I explain this?

Is not being tired, it`s beyond the point of exhaustion, like you dont have the will to move,because you can phisically feel like you have the weight of another person on top of you,that pushes you down the whole day.Even when you are in bed,you feel like this weight pushes you down on the mattress.There`s not enough rest to shake it out, It just stays with you the whole time, and it`s so hard to do the simplest of things, those that everyone takes for granted, for us is like fighting a battle at every second of the day.

And on top of that add the lack of sleep, the lack of interest for everything, the inability to enjoy or to smile, the excruciating sadness, the negative thoughts, the wish to die...

That is life with depression, that`s what we have to fight every day.

That`s my living hell.
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1 Response Dec 9, 2012

I so sympathize and empathize and understand where you are speaking from. There are days where I don't even leave my house, the depression is paralyzing. I have had several circumstances to warrant my depression but I am also on meds and have a very supportive husband and yet I can't figure out why I can't bring myself out of this hell.
Does talking help you, writing, journaling? I mean in some ways having an outlet of some sort can be beneficial. It is so exhausting in itself to bare this burden on your own. Please feel free to add me contact me. I would be more than happy to listen, they always say misery loves company lol.