Definitely depressed than most people around me would realize. But I am used to it now & as long as people around me are happy I feel content.

I feel it's a phase and this shall pass too. I am still finding my inner self to see what I really want & the day I truly understand what is it that I want & what makes me happy, I will be out of this phase..

For the moment though I am going through mixed emotions and fluctuating moods & I am not really enjoying it.

Not much anyone can do about it though so just pinning my thoughts on EP.
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Definitely a "me too" on what you describe. I don't get what's up with my moods. About ten years ago when my father died I got depressed but it wasn't like this. Back then it was more like this overwhelming sadness, this is more like overwhelming confusion. My best guess is that I'm changing in some way. This too shall pass..I hope.

I think we all go through phases of depression, just watch it doesn't last too long! Just be confident in you- what you want and what makes you happy is always changing. The things I wanted to do five years ago are not the same as what I want to do now, but I know who I am and I am confident in that.

confidence for the moment is a bit shattered. But hopefully I will survive.

You will, and you'll get it back :)

Thank you for the encouragement. hopefully the therapy I am doing should help me get back on track.