Two Dental Crowns At The Ripe Age Of 17

I am a 17 year old female, 18 in a few months. I've never been a health freak, but have always taken good care of myself. However, I did not have the same habits I have now when I was a child. Like many children, I did not always take good care of my teeth in my early years. I had several fillings and two root canals done. Now, several years later, my dentist finds it necessary for me to have two dental crowns placed over the two teeth that had root canals. I cannot tell you how terribly depressed I am over this. I have never needed braces or anything of the sort because I have nice, straight teeth and a smile that I deem my best quality. My smile might be the single most distinctive thing about me.

Now, like any 17-18 year old female, I place great value on physical beauty and see these crowns as an inconsolable flaw. My crowns are on the upper left and upper right second bicuspids (or numbers 4 and 13), so they aren't too visible except in the corners of my smile, or when I laugh. I am trying to turn these crowns into a positive thing, to use it as a reason to take better care of myself, to get acquainted with feelings of imperfection and fading beauty, to have flaws that are solely mine to struggle with and to don. Still, although I am thankful that I have the chance to experience this, and what this experience will lead to (both the good and bad), I cannot console the depression that comes with crowns.

Has anyone else had "major" dental work done at such a young age? Please share your experiences, words of advice, or kind words of support. Thanks, everyone.
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I am a dental hygienist and I want to tell you that I see so much worse than this daily. I'm very glad that this experience is making you aware of the importance of dental care.
The good news is that you were able to keep your teeth, many people are not so lucky. Crowns are necessary after root canals because with the loss of the blood supply from the procedure, the tooth becomes brittle and breakable. It is often necessary to wait until adulthood to place the crowns to wait for full growth/ maturity of the teeth and face.
The other good news is that crowns these days, especially all porcelain, are beautiful and look so natural.
Good luck!! I know you will keep smiling!!

You are not alone. I am 25 and I did not expect my teeth to get this bad even when I took pretty good care of them. My dental problems began at age 9 with root canals and cavity fillings done on my permanent teeth. I currently have 10 root canals and 9 cavities with only seven good teeth, all together 26 teeth in my mouth. Two had fallen off due to a peridontitis condition that was not diapgnosed until I was 18. All ten of my root canal treated teeth have a crown placed over them. It is not the end of the world, you are welcome to talk to me if you like.

I am getting two more dental crowns I already have 3 and am 27. I am depressed over my bad teeth. I went through about 6 years of my life where I totally neglected myself. Now I try to do my best to not make my oral situation any worse. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

I'm 22 and I already have 2 crowns and most likely will need several more in years to come. I did not take care of my teeth well when I was younger and had to have several large filings in my molars. These are the teeth that are having to be crowned because a tooth that has more than 50% filling will weaken over time and may crack or break. I try not to think about it most of the time. I see people my age that have never even had to have a filling before and I wonder why this has to happen to me. But eventually this will happen to everyone with age so at least we got a head start

I'm getting a crown put on in a couple weeks. I'm 22 years old. I feel like I'm too young to have this happening. But I also didn't take the greatest care of my teeth when I was younger, and I didn't have dental insurance for awhile, so that all added up to cause a lot of really deep cavities. I was lucky I didn't have to get root canals, but I've been left with so much sensitivity. And now one tooth has had so much work on it that the dentist really can't put in any more fillings. Hence the crown.<br />
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It's not a pleasant situation, and I get really sad thinking about it. But I try to remind myself that my teeth will be better off after the procedure, and I'm going to use it as inspiration to take even better care of my teeth than I have been. You should try to do that, too. Always look for the best in every situation. And your crowns aren't that visible, you said. If the dentist did a good job matching the color and everything, I really don't think most people would ever be able to tell they aren't your real teeth. Or if they're metal crowns or some unnatural color, consider having them replaced with porcelain crowns specially made to match the color of the surrounding teeth.