Food Depression?

I don't know if it's everyone, or just me that feels this way. I battle a slight depression that does interrupt my life, though it's not serious enough(by my standards) to do anything about it. I get by, and that's good enough I guess. But anyway, after eating I feel horrible. Not stomache sickness or anything, but guilt. Like I've let someone down. Feeling like I'm starving makes me happy, but I always run back to food because I feel like if I don't eat someone will put me in a home or something, and I'll be pulled away from my family. I've done a lot of research on eating disorders, and this doesn't seem to be one. I don't purge or starve for extremely long amounts of time. I hate eating, but I force myself to do it everyday. Could this be something else?
iwanthappiness iwanthappiness
18-21, F
Jul 18, 2010