I Am Depressed...

Not because my life sucks, or because everybody hates me. My life is actually not that bad. I've always had this odd ability to be an observer... not on one side or the other, but instead watching both sides and discarding what I find to be false.

Anyway, I am not depressed because of myself... I am depressed because of others, and the world.

Firstly, the world... what can't I say about the world? I hate about everything in it. Everyday, I see injustice, hatred, bigotry, famine, war, tyranny; but even more, I see people giving themselves away to meaningless things, like power, sex, and money. And it sickens me. I wish I could tell people there is something better without drugs and alcohol and money, but what good would it do? It is not until one realizes how big the hole is that they would understand. Oh, God... and sometimes, this makes me sad and depressed to no end. But I haven't cried in a while.

Secondly, for others. YOU, reading this. I am so sorry about of what they have done to you. To lose love, and the love of life, and the joy in anything... it is the worst. I can certainly relate to that. I have never been depressed enough to cut though. I am so sorry.... I have also had the odd ability to love anyone despite their circumstances or life. I know that you are broken people. We are all broken... some more than others. I know what it's like to want nothing more than to die, and to end this useless life. But I don't know what it's like to not know happiness for years... something always pulls me back.

This was a terribly poor excuse of a post. But words cannot describe these things. My friends... if this entire post means nothing to you, at least realize this... there is always someone who loves you, and cares for you. If that will be no one else, then it will be me, for I too have been in the same situations. We can be outcasts. Oh God, why can't there be be acceptance? I am sorry for everything that you have to go through everyday. You may find it foolishness, but I would give up some of my happiness for you if I could.

I am not often emotional in any way. But I have dealt with depression too. I pray that at least you know someone cares, if ti's even only one person you don't even know. Feel free to comment.
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2 Responses Aug 1, 2010

Do you hear birds where you are? Do you see trees where you are? Do you have insects where you are? Nature really doesn't care whether you live or die. Well no wait because those things are alive because of death. Carbon is what you are made of and all life is carbon. So, look at that tree that helps you breathe. Hear that bird that sings. Look at that insect that eats so life can begin again. Being depressed sucks. But, if you are that bad go to a doctor and get one of those fun pills. Then again a pill cannot make you happy. Only you can see things in a different life. Go for a walk.

In 2006 I was depressed...................I lost my business, dept increased in hip..............I was thinking to sucide.....................2006 was horibble year for me.<br />
But my instict tell me that something good will happen in my life......and I waited......waited.....then I got job opputunity in foreign country......and at present I'm happy.<br />
Do not think of the world situation.................bad and good events will happen in the world. And the world is for that.<br />
Hence my friend, do not worry about the world and people what they do bad things.<br />
Make good friends in your circle.<br />
If you are not success in love, do not worry. Success will come with next attempts.<br />
God has given you life.........enjoy it......look for your future.<br />
<br />