The Shell...

I don’t know who the girl is,
The one hiding in the haze,
Behind all the depression.

The one who screams for life when death is forced upon her.
The one who cries for the blood spilt by that razor.
The one whose voice has almost disappeared…

But day by day that voice gets stronger,
Week by week as the razor fails to come back,
Month by month coming closer to the surface.

This voice, this girl, has no hope though.
No personality,
No memory of who it once was.

It’s too close now!
Force it back with a rush of pills.
Her tears make it through though…

She goes back,
Retreats back behind the depression,
And waits.

Knowing she will never escape,
That the girl on the outside doesn’t know who she is, either.
Knowing that this body will never be anything more than a shell of what it once was.
LonelyEmo LonelyEmo
18-21, F
5 Responses Aug 1, 2010

I like your writing, it's really good =]

Thank you :)

vverry deep ,<br />
i like the way you try to distance your self from your body<br />
and you get the meaning across unanounced<br />
like your style as well

Thank you :) My writing is best when I'm depressed. I just wrote it earlier

Wow dats deep & really telling a story