No One Listens, No One Cares

I feel alone. I have been feeling more alone in the past year than any other time. Whenever I was alone, I would just say to myself, "no one listens, no one cares," over and over again.
See, I go to this summer camp. It is the best summer camp in the world, in my opinion. My mom runs it, unfortunately. I cannot trust my mom. Anything I tell her, she tells her friend, Josh, whom I hate. I hate him because he hangs out with Mom way too much (I live with both parents), and he makes jokes that really aren't funny! He makes jokes about kidnapping and molesting me! Another reason why I don't like my mom very much is because it is obvious that my brother is the favorite. He was always perfect. He was born with a breathing problem, and he survived and he is now perfectly healthy! But still, when my mom brings me out to get "a birthday present" for me, she always ends up getting him a present, eve though my birthday is in July, and his birthday is in April! He gets in trouble when? Never. I get in trouble, every other day.
Mom and Josh run my summer camp. This I do not care for. Still, at summer camp, I feel less alone. But only slightly. My dad doesn't give a crap. All he cares about are my grades in school, which aren't good, and aren't bad.
But this year in summer camp, there were two people who somewhat changed my life for the better. I will save the most important one for last.
There is this boy who is one year younger than me. I have known him for a few years now. His name is Nathaniel. Last year, he said that he liked me. This year he kept denying it, but he is a terrible liar. Towards the end of camp, he started denying it less.He often even gave me compliments! And then camp ended when something was about to happen. And now I'll never know what that something was. He left me hanging off the edge of a cliff. I don't know when, or if I will ever see him again.
There was one person at camp who really changed my life. His name is Arthur. He is two years younger than me. A lot of people think he is really annoying. He is a "problem child." I think he has bad parents. So, I got back from overnight camp last year, and everyone was sorry for me because I had to dance with Arthur in the camp show. But when we had rehearsals, I did not see their point! Why should they feel sorry for me? Arthur is an awesome dancer! Well, that started our friendship. Arthur came back to camp this year, and of course everyone still thought he was really annoying. But I didn't. We were still friends from last year. Late we figured out that we had a lot of the same likes and dislikes! TV shows, music, theater, etc. We really bonded over that. I yell at people who insult him, and in return, he stays with me when I am lonely at camp. So one day, we were playing the game, "Assassin" at camp, and it was only me, Arthur, and my friend Skyler left in the game. Skyler was Arthur's target, Arthur was my target, and I was Skyler's target. My original plan was to help Arthur kill Skyler then kill Arthur, then it changed to helping Arthur kill Skyler then letting Arthur kill me, and then it changed to me getting Arthur to let me register anything Iwant to kill Skyler, and so I suicide-bombed him. Arthur, therefore, won. He was grateful. Arthur is one of the best friends I have ever had. I love him like he is my son. If I could choose one person of the opposite gender to be with for the rest of my life, I would choose Arthur, because, I don't need a lover as much as I need a best friend. Whenever I think about suicide, I think to myself, 'No, I can't! Arthur needs me! And I need him!' Arthur saved my life this year. For that I will forever be grateful.
By the way, my name is Michaela.
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2 Responses Jul 9, 2011

thats such a nice story! thanks for sharing :) how are you now? x

I think u answered your owne question i found in my experience that someone you call a best friend is 1 of the most precious things you can find. in my opinion