I Am Being Depressed

I mean I'm only 15, but i dont know... these days i have been so bored and tired of everything... Sometimes I just wanna be all alone and I wanna act like nothing else matters. First my best friend moved in Texas and Im all alone I dont have other BEST FRIENDS..., my mum knows how much i miss her and she knows that I just wanna hang other just to not remind her cause than i start crying..., and my mum shes now letting me go out or have a sleepover or something. Example today a friend of mine invited all my classmates for a sleepover and its only me which didnt go there... my mum didnt let me go there :@ and shes just saying NO all the time.. so im being bored in home just watching TV or INTERNET nothing else... Even when i hang out i have to be home at 10 o'clock while my friends stays till 11:30 or something, its only me, me and meee which never hangs out or something like that :( im just being depressed all the time and listening to sad songs :( 
anda55 anda55
Oct 29, 2011