The Frustration settles in
What mood am I in?
What is this rage that consumes me
I'm so confused and lonley

I want them to listen
But they never understand
I want them to notice
I don't think they can

So my sadness consumes me
Every waking thought
And I wonder why
This i was never taught?

This pain and frustration 
As a child you never see
Life is full of possibilities
Back then life was so carefree

I have to wonder if I can ever get back
To that place in my dreams
Where i was happy
And was full of possibility

My frustration turns to rage
And i want them to hurt
The people who dont understand anything
They don't see they are making it worse

Mabye they just don't care
That's fine with me
I'm alone
I don't need anybody

So I'll learn to live with this madness
I 'll learn to fight it every day
And mabye one day ill be that happy child
Mabye it will all be ok...
SacredNightmare SacredNightmare
18-21, F
Feb 12, 2012