i really really need someone to talk to its such a long story but i feel alone an abandoned an if someone could spair a few mins to talk i have never before in my 23 years thought about taking my life an now i am thinking about it so if someone could contact me so i have someone to talk to i would be so greatful
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You are still a very young man .... NO need to throw your life away because you are sad or someone is now out of your life who was a big piece of it before .....<br />
IF ya' need to talk or discuss anything ; just e-mail .... Don't know if I can be much help; BUT i will give it a try as I did counseling for several years ... <br />
Take care ... go out to eat and enjoy this evening ....

so many young people feel this way at one point or other. i have felt that life was to much and there was no use in going on. but what i did was tell some one, i talked and talked and it was someone i felt safe with. life is never so hard that it cant get better, my sone in lawfelt the way you do, but he took his own life, now i have to see so much pain in my daughters eyes and try to help her understand his pain was greater then her love. but there is some one out there with so much love that your pain can be healed. you just have to keep waking up every morning and understand, love starts with yourself. your ahead of the game just by posting your thought here! you can keep talking with me. and i hope you find the help you need. couse life is good.<br />

It's really confusing to get those feelings when they just start popping up. I'm about ten years older than you and last year really thought about it. It seems disturbing especially since I had never contemplated it before. I just sort of hung in there and worked through it. Is there a particular reason why you are feeling this way?