I ******* hate stereotypes and prejudice based on appearance. I am gay and lately I have been outing myself to people but there is this other guy at my workplace that is gay too .. he is more like a stereotypical gay guy and he tries to project some stereotypes on to me. I however don't feel comfortable acting and flimsy wrist-ed and talking with a high pitched voice. I am just a regular guy who likes other guys and I intend to stay that way .. because I am proud to show another side to the community and I believe that me being out and masculine will show other guys that you can be a normal guy and be gay you don't have to fit and into a box .. oh and by the way when I say " normal guy" I mean being yourself .. because there are no standards when it comes to being a normal guy. I just feel really lonely sometimes because I haven't met any masculine gay guy yet. There is a guy at my workplace that tells me that there is a bar called " the stud bar" where I can find more masculine gay guys and bond with them. I can't wait I think it will be refreshing to see another gay guy just acting like a normal guy. sometimes I feel lonely and depressed and misunderstood, I don't know how much longer I can push and hope. I am starting to wear out here.
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Im feeling the same, you should come to me or I should go to yours jajajaja because i cant find a masculine gay dude, or maybe Im just to anti social :)

Your right liking men dosen't make you a woman. The thing I like about men is their manliness. Of course there are some effeminate men who can't help themselves. But to over act in a feminine way just because toy think you have to is wrong.

I understand, I still talk to more stereotypical gay guys. I would just like for more gay guys who come out to just be themselves and show another side to the community.If we choose to act like ourselves and still be out, maybe that way we will bring and end to all of these unnecessary stigmas.

I think you are doing the best thing by being yourself. I am a bi woman and, to be honest, my sexuality does not affect how I behave or come across as a person. It is only a part of me, not all of me. I hope that you meet the sort of guy you are hoping to meet. But don't just ignore the more stereotypical gay guys out of hand-they may be insecure and so putting on a front, which they think is expected of them. Underneath, they might be very different, and it could be worth your getting to know them.