Lupus Is Scaring Me

Ive been on Steriods for almost two years now for my lupus. The Steriods are making my blood sugar high.I also have type 1 diabetes. I also have 3 other auto immune diseases. The lupus is attacking my kidneys now and I have zero control over it. Diabetes was easy for me to control because I could. Lupus you cant control whats it going to do to you. I have so much pain every day and fatigue. I had to quit my job this year because I couldnt maintain the required hours. I wanted to go back to school about two years ago and I couldnt because I started to get very sick. I'm very young to be having all these problems. I quite depressed now from all this and I'm sad most of the time from all this. I'm worried lupus will take my life. I have a beautiful 3 year old daughter and a loving husband and faith in God that keeps me sane. I try to remember God has a purpose for my life even though I cant work at this time and I'm very limited sometime, God still has a purpose for my life. I pray for strength and healing. I pray that my doctors will help me and for God to guide me to the right doctors. Right now I dont feel like the doctors I have are helping me and I feel very discouraged and lost. I'm in constant pain and I'm not on any pain meds. Why am I on soo many medications and nothing for pain?!
Torismama Torismama
Apr 26, 2012