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i have been depressed for abou 2months properly more, because i now realise that i had some symptoms before then, like unexplainable pains etc. it has been hard for me if im honest, my parents wont accept it or admit 2 themselves that its happening, although my mum seems quite understanding but won't let me talk about 'being depressed', i think she's in denile. I think im depressed due to my body image and self esteem, although i can get upset, angry etc and not no why. Talkin to my teacher and the school nurse has helped but i stil feel quite alone, until i found this site, which has helped to understand myself abit me, in away. Also a recent fall out with one of my closest friends has knocked me abit, although i made up wit her today, i still feel betrayed and asthough i can't trust anyone any more. She told my other best friend that she was going to ring my mum and tell her i'd been smoking and cuttin myself, but doing this would only make me worse and i fell out with her because she was going to do it behind my back! im now quite paranoid after telling someone.. something as i don't know who will find out...


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she was just proberly worrier, my bestfriend called my bofriend n told him now looking bk at it,she was right to do so, because that friend maybe think she isnt getting throught to u.try to stop thinking about all the bad stuff and how bad life is , try to get up listen to music that puts u in a gud mood,music can really alter ur mood change,try to do some work it may sound dumb but cleaning or washing or something can help u exhale,a lot, then try picking up a hobby or something that ease ur mind, try being away from people that are depressed like you they will only bring u down. i pray and hope u get out of this, cause i have been there its not nice.

Well.. I am here today, as I am depressed too. You will think I am foolish. I have been looking for a job for months. Many of the application end up without a reply. I feel ashamed. These employers do not recognized my existence at all. Finally, I am just a bull **** for them though I spend a lot of time to do an application. :(

i know its scary to feel like you're moving through life alone. and you feel ashamed of what you've done but you do it anyway. i am kinda guessing there. but i hope you know you're not alone there. the world we have to live in sometimes feels like a dwelling hell that you keep spiraling down in. it hurts to get you're going through it alone.<br />
just remember you're not.<br />
and that everyone here understands the pain. <br />
if you ever neeed to figure out a "game plan" (that sounds so queer) with your friends and family and stuff just let me know.<br />
<br />
bye hun