I Grow Up Picked On

Am a person that possess a strong believe against bulling. Growing up I was called many names. Footballhead, Egghead, Doofy, Doofy Ides and various other in my life. I hate name calling and the embarrassment it gives. As a child that took hold on me in my desire for friendship and education. I withdraw from people feeling unaccepted.
The picking and teasing are not good but very negative experience cause of leading into fights. More so cause of leading into fights but a feeling of the taking away of my sense of control and security. When your a kid words can hurt like a punch or a kick. Can have the power of a shotgun.
As I grew more experience would follow. From various people through out my life. Still life go on and so do the passing of time.
freelsjr freelsjr
51-55, M
May 7, 2012