Trying For Five Years And Finally Giving Up

I have been trying for a baby for five years... All I hear and see is all the pregnant people around me. This has become too much to bear... First my wedding was delayed for 4 years and now this... Has god forsaken me? Today my hubby just burst out his feelings... My crying and depressed feelings are too much for him to take. We have been together for 9 years now going through storms... But not having our own child is too much to take now... Yesterday, visiting my brother in laws child was a slap on our faces. I knew my husband was so hurt that he yearns to be a father but he is not one yet. All I did was to smile and join in the conversation but later just excused myself to the restroom to cry. I have been crying since yesterday and this has upset him even more. I just can't forget about a baby. Everytime I see a pregnant woman I say praise the lord but the lord didn't hear me! I am angry and upset. I have no job and good financial means to go for treatments. I do not talk about this to anyone except my husband and now both of us are falling apart... What do I do?
Sishe Sishe
26-30, F
May 11, 2012