Mononucleosis Loves Me :(

believe it or not I had mono last year and I replaced and have it again now and you are probably thinking why is this girl even on here? she's physically sick... well I've been so sick that I've been pretty much confined to my house for three/four weeks straight. I was love by my friends and now I barely get to see them and that's not even what's been killing me. I was the kind of girl who would wake up have a small breakfast, go to school, no lunch, come home and head straight to the gym and work out for two hours straight, then I'd eat dinner two hours later.
I had to have everything under control and if it's not than I feel overwhelmed. now I've gained weight and I hate to even see my stomach and I'm not fat it's just I have the need to work out and want my body perfect but I'm sick and I can't cope anymore I'm breaking down.
I can't even open a damn pickle jar without help, and I used to train for boxing before I got sick with mono for the second time.
I don't know what to do anymore except cry.
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relapsed*** not replaced