Not Happy

I have depression and I haven't seen anyone for it yet. I don't know what to do. I live with a friend and I'm so stressed here,  my mom wants me to move by her. I know it will be good for me but she lives pretty far from me. This will only be for awhile. She is so worried about me.
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3 Responses Apr 25, 2007

Yep, a lot of people here suffer or have suffered from depression. We need to all help each other out to help battle this. In the mean time don't focus on your problems too much give your self time to relax. Find something to get your mind of things. Here is a site to give you tips on fighting this.

I agree with your last comment. I think you should get help right away. I also suffer from depression and you do reach a point where you can't fight it without outside help. Maybe moving near your mom would help you would have her support it sounds like. Good luck to you! You sound like a very nice person!

please dont wait to get help. i have anxiety problems, and i wasted so many years of my life struggling with it. now im on meds and i talk to a phsychiatrist and its make all the difference in the world. remember your first priority is also have 4 kids who need you. tc