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i have just found out that my partner has been chatting up a girl on the internet i cant believe he has done this to me and our 2 year old daughter, because i love him so much i want to try and make our relationship work no matter what but now he has turned the tables on me and he is now saying that he thinks that our relationship wont last due to the fact that we argue all the time which is true but i cant see my life without him i love him so much i have been crying for the last 4 days and i cant eat. i feel angry that im being treated like this and i dont know what to do as im scared to be alone i think my partners enjoying every moment of it. please help with some advice
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2 Responses Apr 30, 2007

It happens to us- it would be nice to try to work things out however you decide to go through with that but if you try to work it out and it still isn't right then maybe it's best for both of you leave each other alone it's scary I know but sometimes it has to be done. Look at it in the long run too not just the here and now. I hope everything works out for the best for you and your child.

Well that i not right if he is enjoying it. I know it must be scary that he might leave you but you have to get ready for it. Maybe ask him to take marriage counselling. If he completely refuses then he might have been thinking about this lady he has been chatting with for too long and is convinced that she will be a get away for him. A new life. That is quite cowardly if he won't go through and give it a chance to be fixed. But Know we are here for support. I can give you a site to look at if you want. If you click the tab on the left pane, it has more relationship tips.