It Just Keeps Happening

It is a bit weird to think of all the things that have been getting me down, and how to justify my emotions concerning them. The biggest thing to happen to me was, about a month ago. My little kitten Max, who i rescued from a shelter, died of feline AIDS. For some reason this really has broken my heart and i cant seem to get over it.

On another note, i have had 4 flatmates in 6 months - is there something wrong with me? Admittedly, i am a bit of a crazy chick, but why couldn't i find someone right the 1st or 2nd time? The 1st chick that moved in had bipolar with borderline personality disorder, so we know that that is not the type of person i could live with. The 2nd chick decide the shower was not up t her standard and had to leave. The 3rd chick was one of the dirtiest people i have ever me (how does a person get period all over the toilet seat?  ). And she was rude.

But luckily, i seem to have found a kind soul who is pretty similar to me, and she actually sits and has a chat after work. But, unfortunately she is a bit depressed and that doesn't really help matters much.

So if anyone is out there, that wants to share there stories with me, here i am


Remember : Keep smiling, you never know who is falling in love with you

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2 Responses Jun 24, 2008

Thanks Dimples, you are a kind kind soul, and if i were able to give you a hug i would.

First of all, I want to say sorry about your little kitten (may he/she rest in peace). Second of all, you don't need the kind of roomates in your life like the ones you've came across in the past six months anyway. A word of advice: When looking for roomates, be more specific in what you want in a roomate. BTW: I love your quote at the end of this story. Just keep your head up and things will turn up.