Story Of My Life.

about a year ago i was really depressed,and i know it doesn't sound like much compared to what people go through.but i felt like nothing was right and i didn't want to carry on living. my parents hated me,i had no friends and i felt so ugly and worthless. so i started self harming and then eventually i tried to suffocate myself but as soon as i was about to pass out i stopped because i was too scared. i then tried again about a week later but again got to scared. after a while things started to get better but when i get depressed i think abou wwhen i was self harming and trying to kill myself and i cry myself to sleep because i cant believe i did that too myself. and today something really bad happened so i cut myself and i am sharing this with you because i need to tell people how i feel. people who don't know me and can't judge me.
RockinnSwagg RockinnSwagg
Sep 19, 2012