I Am So Depressed

Hello my name is Joe and I am really going through a tough time in my life . I lost my job. I had two storage units that had pretty much everything that I owned in them. I got behind and they sold everything. For the past year I have lived with a friend and his girlfriend to help him care for his elderly mother. His mom died.

He and his girlfriend have a serious drug and alcohol problems. They always fight and I am there to mediate things. I felt in my heart that I was there for a reason for them because I have been clean and sober for the last 24 years. Last night he went to jail for domestic violence. I wasn't home but when I got there the police was there. He didn't hit her but the police said it was intimidation. I have nowhere else to go. His girlfriend moved out today.

He has been high as a kite and drunk since he came home from jail. He is saying some crazy stuff. I will tell him God loves him and things are getting better. I tell him he is going to kill himself and he says well come on its not happening fast enough. I really don't know what to do. I am a single dad I just thank God my son Jacob can stay with his grandmother. He doesn't know half the stuff that goes on. He worries about me. I just feel so lost and depressed!
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i am so sorry for You, i'd rather be with You than commenting like this, but please remember i am here if You want to talk.

Hello Doktor Paj,

Thank you so much for responding. I read your profile and your favorite quote made me smile! Not only is pink floyd my favorite group but 1987's A Momentary Lapse of Reason album and learning to fly are one of my floyd favorite songs and album of the many. I also am here if you ever need to talk about your feelings. I hope you have a blessed and wonderful day.