Sun And Depression--------

Geomagnetic storms are periods of high geomagnetic activity. Their effect on people has been linked to clinical depression. Could our body’s magnetosphere be picking up on earth changes which are perhaps charged electrical particles?

The sun has moved out of its quiet period into an active phase. This activity is in the form sunspots that are exploding and shooting solar flares into the atmosphere. The geomagnetic energy from the solar flares is affecting all life on earth. The effect to humans is that they are becoming more sensitive to the energies that surround them, intensifying and amplifying all human emotions.

Every person will experience increased sensitivity to the changes happening in the world and are becoming emotionally sensitive to life in general. Happy people will feel happier. For others anxiety, bewilderment, sadness, and depression will deepen as well. The effect on the physical body will increase sensitivity to toxins or allergies. The energy around money issues may attract more money issues. With the heightened energy, people react stronger.

What is the best method to get through this energetic phase? Experience your emotions, and then consciously release the emotions. Move forward from that moment. The Hopi Indians call this period “The Great Purification.”

Everything is energy. Every living thing has an aura, a luminous cocoon of electromagnetic energy. The magnetic fields of humans and animals respond to the changes in the sun’s magnetic field.

The EMF (electromagnetic field) in constant motion and changes with our moods and feelings as it responds to the energy around us. It is measurable, gives off both light and heat, and surrounds us at all times. It is affected by health and injury. When we are happy, the aura is large and bright with clear colors emanating with a denseness that reflects solid energy.

When we are sad or ill, the aura gets small and dark with dull, murky colors and appears thin and jagged if we are angry or fearful. We can adjust the energy of our auras by changing our attitudes. The more energy a person has the larger and more visible the aura. The aura is never constant in size or shape. It bubbles and bulges around our body.

We receive and send energies connecting us to the cosmos. Geomagnetic storms and solar flares affect your auric field because they alter the chemistry in your brain and body. Melatonin is secreted by the pineal gland. The Pineal gland is sensitive to magnetic fields and links geomagnetic activity and human health.

The EMF is as individual as DNA or a fingerprint. Each person is be affected differently by a geomagnetic storm. Those people who are sensitive to energies may be more alert or may feel more in tune with their intuitions. There will be an activation of their strongest intuitive ability.

At a physical level, geomagnetic storms affect blood pressure and melatonin. Increases cancer, reproductive, cardiac and neurological diseases. Other effects are headaches, sinus problems, sleeplessness, itchy eyes, breathing difficulties, dizziness, and disorientation. Scientific research shows the heart is the most powerful generator of electromagnetic energy in the human body producing the largest electromagnetic field of any of the body’s organs, and synchronizes the body’s brain waves with the brain waves of the people around us. Solar magnetic activity influences the earth’s geomagnetic activity and earth’s geomagnetic activity influences the human magnetic field.

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Well,I am being treated for depression.My counselor belives this has well,and suggested i buy
full spectrum light bulbs for the short winter days.