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There are so many times wherein I just want to break down and let go. I carry so much sadness and burdens that sometimes I want to give up. Others might say that I should keep holding on and never think of giving up. But you know, in real life situations... it's hard to say to not give up.
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1 Response Nov 26, 2012

I know how you are feeling and I have felt the same for many years. over time i have learned that Life does get better and i know you have heard this many times before but you shouldn't give up, we still have so much life ahead of us and the key is to just try stay strong and carry on.
I have read all of your other stories and i just want you to know that there is always someone out there that is willing to listen and wanting to help
i know all this doesn't help much and you have probably heard it all before but i just wanted you to know people out there do care. :)
im always up for a chat if you ever want to talk.

thanks for the advice, it made me smile. LOL. it's really great to know that somewhere out there knows what I am going through. Also thanks for reading ALL my stories. :)