I Hate This Feeling, The Feeling That You're Always Alone, That No One Cares. Maybe It's True. Maybe I Will die Alone. Maybe No One Truly Does Care. The Last People Who I Thought Truly Cared Won't Even Talk To Me. What's Wrong With Me? Did I Do Something Wrong? I Drive The People That I Truly Love Away... I Wanna Just Die At This Point. It's Not Like Anyone Would Care, Right? I Mean I'm Told On Tumblr How much Of A Waste Of Space And Oxygen I Am. And No One Really Talks To Me, My Parents Abuse Me. I'm Bullied Everywhere I Go. What's The Point In Living Anymore. I Don't See It. I Don't See How Someone Can Be So Happy Anymore. How Someone Can Smile Though We Are Always Being Judged. I Don't Understand How People Hold The Pain In. I'm Alone, I Cut. I Eat, I Purge. 'I'm Fat' People Say So I Stop Eating So I Become Anorexic. People Say 'You're Ugly' So I Put Make Up On , I'm Still Ugly. I Can Never Be Good Enough. I Cry My Self Asleep To The Sound Of My Own Thoughts Of People Saying Things To Me I Just Don't Know What To Do At This Point. I Want To Run. Run Till People Would Think I Was Dead. I Wanna Leave So That I Don't Have To Hear From Anyone. I Wish I Could Just Be In The Arms Of My Boyfriend For Once And Feel His Loving Touch And Hear His Words Telling Me That Everything Will Be Ohkay Cause I Have Him. I Just Want It To Be Me & Him And No One Else. I Want To Leave And Escape Into His Arms. But I Think It's To Late For That!
ChyyJane ChyyJane
18-21, F
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Same is da case wd me

All We Are Told Is To Stay Strong. How Are You Suposed To Stay Strong Though? It Makes No Since To Me AT All!