Well, back again I guess. Why do I have to be such a melodramatic mess? The roller coaster that is my life has started to whip me up and down so quickly that I’m not really sure how it hasn’t already derailed entirely. And its like the hills only make the drops that much worse. Those slow climbs that offer false hope. That only stop at the top long enough to give you a good look around at those things you’ll never have, before whipping you back down into oblivion.

Should I compile a list of all my failures for you?
Let’s see…
I’m a horrible daughter
I’m a terrible sister
I’m a failing student
I’m a distant friend
I’m a slow worker
I was a miserable girlfriend
I’m an overweight, unattractive, uninteresting, boring, heartless, unlovable, dirty, dark, diseased excuse of a human being.

…..and then I wonder why no one wants me. Ha. Funny.
22-25, F
Dec 1, 2012