I'm Afraid My Relationship Will Be Ruined....

I have been drepressed for the last two years on and off after being raped and my home life sucks. I have met this wonderful guy, and he is my everything. But Im worried that the times I get depressed and vent to him, will push him away. He always seems to not talk to me as much when I get like this. It is pretty often , but I cant help it. The things in life get to me sometimes, by things I mean my family. Im so worried how do I make sure he knows that I love him and that this will not break us up?
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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

well try to talk about it and let it pass never feel sorry and think life ends because the rapist is hunting you,did you report that in the police and did you know who do that to you?try to speak with your bf and tell him what you feel and what makes you feel uncorfortable and makes it soon so your bf not think you have others in your mind?