Inner Demon

I've been in a battle with myself for nearly 3 yrs now. Surely longer added up over time. Most times I believe I was curse the day of my birth. Casted as the "black sheep" in my step family & treated cruely. Young unguided delussion of what "love" was in an unhealthy relationship. Fighting to hold on to notthing in fear of losing that small feeling of a family. Thrown into countless unfortunate events but held on to one small glimps of hope. Needless to say I'm way wrong in feelings of love or appreciation. Mistaken by a few good times and material crap, now unhappier then ever. My decissions lead me to where I stand. Maybe I should have taken a step back to find myself instead commiting. If I can find the strength to fight again I can correct life. Until then I'm my own demon to the misery that I brought into my life and my childrens.
halfdead25 halfdead25
26-30, F
Dec 4, 2012