Underneath All That Crap

I've met so many people. And through my experience of sitting at the sidelines and people watching. I have noticed that usually the happiest people who smile/laugh/talk the most usually are the most depressed. Perhaps it is because of the fact that they crave happiness, and hope to find it in socializing and making friends? But I've learned that underneath all that crap, there's a real person. Underneath the happy smiles, laughs and jokes, there is a lonely person hoping to feel wanted in this world.

And I know because I think I'm one of these people. Keeping secrets all the time. Crying quietly to myself after locking myself in the closet. Hating myself.

So next time you try to compare yourself to someone who you think is perfect, or happier than you, please take a look beneath the surface. I think that's what I/we need most right now.

I feel like a freak sometimes. Do you?
Dannylin123 Dannylin123
Dec 9, 2012