Looking For Some1 To Talk To

Does any1 want to just vent out what make them depress? Just post on my board or message me.
alanfate09 alanfate09
18-21, M
2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

I was abused til i was 12. I struggled to get thru every single day in my life. Now i am 21 i am just like a idiot. I dont know anythings about life and how to deal with thing. I just want to end myself.

Don't do it. Think of all the people you will leave behind...think of how much more time there is in your life. If you do this think of all the opportunities you'll miss out in life. I know how you feel cause im going through this same feeling right now...I was abused as well.

What makes me depressed is when I see DRAMA useless drama...useless drama that just makes people sad or angry. I honestly feel like just sleeping for the rest of my life because all the drama I've been through. What's your story?