Its All I Can Say

I am unsure about my feelings towards my boyfriend. Does he think i am boring. Well, all i can say is he is definitely boring. When i texted him i thought that we would be like all lovey dovey. But it all has been the same every single day. Like, how are u? Have u eaten? And he sometime asks what is the colour of the shirt i am wearing today.
He used to be my ex and God bring us together again. I admit i have missed him. I did not know getting back together with him was quite easy. But there is one thing that makes me feel irritated.
He has another girlfriend he barely knows. He have accidentally met the girl at a shop and the girl greeted him by pushing his shoulders. I was kind off jealous of this. That girl we can call he Nara. Nara did not know Wayne(my bf not real name) was cheating on her. But i knew. Wayne told me he like both of us and that is pretty stupid if you ask me.
He once told me 'if only u said you still love me earlier, i couldve been all yours'. As we all know, Nara is still a stranger to Wayne. Will their relationship end first? Or will my relationship with Wayne end first. I dont want to break up with Wayne but i actually do. I need a boyfriend who can care about me and all. And sometimes i think Wayne thinks i am his toy.
Beckylovey Beckylovey
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2 Responses Dec 11, 2012

He treats you like he doesn't care. From what you said he seems to be disinterested in the relationship and with how it turns out. I'm assuming your bf is the same age as you, in which case boys at this age get easily distracted by other girls and will generally keep someone waiting in the wings so to speak if a relationship is not working out. My suggestion is to dump him and find someone who is interested in who you are as an individual and will want to get to know you. There are many fish in the sea go and have a look around.

you can't love a ghost, no body can. Wayne already made his great effort to love. Reality is the most wonderful thing in the world. enjoy it, wherever, however you can.