Crazy For Him

as i am writing this so many things came to my mind and i hope that sharing my story can make me feel better.....

i am 22 years old and still in college bcoz of some circumstances,and i met this teacher on one of my subject.He is 3 years older than me...He is not that typical goodlooking guy.He is not tall.Im saying this because i myself dont know why i fall in love with is just just sort of came..But what is special about him is he is intelligent and nice..since then he is always on my mind,every minute,hour and everyday.i am excited going to school bcoz of him,i want to see him fact he is always in my crazy isnt it??but that is friends and classmates know about this and they keep on teasing me and maybe he knows it also..everyday my love for him grows stronger and i dont know how to stop it..then when our last meeting with him came my classmates are singing a song for the two of us and they keep on teasing me and he is there also,but he didnt do something to stop my classmates in fact he is just smiling...i dont know knw what he is implying to tell us...he is just sitting there and smiling....i dont want to gve hope to myself that he had also feelings for me bcoz i know that he is that intelligent to know what is right from wrong and i knw that he will not take advantage of the situation...and i know that in this world the student-teacher relationship is a big NO...i want to forget him but i dont know still hoping that he will love me back........plz help me what should i do????there is also a time that he is online and me and my friend is also online..He chat my friend but on me he hurts me he just telling that he is not interested on me????plz advice....tnx.........
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Get a female councilor to help you with this. No guy can help with this subject especially when you are so venerable. Ofcourse I'm am a guy giving this advise so take it for what it is worth. But this seems to need a professional, this is not the time for armature hour. There is free help with Focus On The Family councilors you may want to look them up.