I've Cried Every Night Since...

I feel so used, so low. Since I started university my depression has sky rocketed.i don't know how to feel anymore , I don't know who is real or fake. One day the love you the next the whisper behind you and pretend the font know you . I have always been depressed but right now I don't want to exist. The pain of feeling used my people you thought were friends and loves ones deceiving you hurts so much. I met a guy 3 months a go he acts different everyday like am a piece of crap. I feel so alone all the time, no one is ever here. I just want someone to care, to listen to know that am hurting too.
PlainJ PlainJ
18-21, F
2 Responses Dec 13, 2012

((hugs)) hope he starts talking to you like an adult

i hear u, feel u... bau what matter in the end is what you have done and what paws you left behind as footprints nothing else. so dont worry about others