From Me To You. A Story From Ep Friend That Motivates Me.

From me. To you:

"Just so you know depression is not a disease or a condition, it's...a state of the mind which coerces you to believe that you are all alone and helpless to the causes around you that is overwhelming your vision of life ahead, it can be beat if you surround yourself with people who care and accept you and support you while you retrace your steps and figure out a plan of implementations, it may not happen over night but it takes time stick to your ideals, goals, ambitions, dreams and sense of self and you will go far believe me its hell but you can always find your rope to escalate you to a brighter world." ~ Lushiro

Also another quote: "When you feel like giving up remember why you held on for so long." ~ By Unknown
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5 Responses Dec 17, 2012

There are different types of depression. Reactive is as the name states caused by circumstances. In these cases your theory may well work.
However clinical depression nearly always requires medical intervention. Even then it can be a long road.

So many people, when depressed, withdraw from friends and family. Removing themselves from the support they so badly need. They be one like hedgehogs, hibernating away from the world, prickly and bad tempered if disturbed.

Who are you thanking Saath? Support is wonderful of course but how many of us actually have it from go to whoa? I've had a partner from go to today and even though she had no clue what I was on about she stuck with me. Now I'm quite well and she's got it bad. Danger for support people I'm atfraid.

Hope is essential of course. If that's snuffed out it's all over. Don't need someone to quote that. Ot's the bleeding obvious frankly.

And yes it IS entirely personal and un ique to each of us. But there are many basics we share which can speed things through.

Hey Saathine. I do know and like Lushiro. But he is wrong in what he says. Depression is most certainly an illness which is why so many of is need medical help, usually shrinks and meds plus therapy.

We don't recover from depression with sheer willpower.

Yes it is a state of mind but you have to ask where does that come from? It's an illness caused by us to us through negative thinking repetetively. Changing that is so hard. CBT is perhaps the best tool for doing so once your mood is elevated enough for you to learn and practice CBT. This needs meds.

There is no question abut this at all. It is an illness. Self powered through negative events and similar thought patterns over a long period. But still a documented illness. Many varieties too. I say every one of us has a slightly different version of it.

It is absolutely not about other people. It is ONLY about YOU. You must be honest with yourself, your shrink and therapist if you are to find the problem and change or remove it. Some of us never find it, I did, but the process is much the same.

But it is ONLY ever about you. Think about that. What if these "helpers" decide to leave. Or die Or whatever? What then? It MUST be done by you and that is all about what makes you tick. What happened to you, when, how, and what needs changing. You cannot rely on others as they are fickle. You know that already don't you?

There's only ONE person that needs to accept and like you. That is YOU. Everyone else matters not and you are then independent. You choose how to act and they choose how to react.

You follow?

I agree with some of your points. That it is a journey that we must do for ourselves because it is ourselves that we must understand and know and ultimately have to live with but having the support on the outside helps when we are so fearful and hopeless that we cannot go on. I've been there and I askd for help and support and did not get it. I struggled with it so hard and was able to overcome it but could not learn why so I have spent many many times dealing with it because I didn't address it in the beginning. This time around I have and I hope to be able to come out of it stronger and with knowledge of myself and why I get depressed and maybe how to prevent it in the future.

Helpful. :) thank you