This is a true story.

From third grade and up I was a target. I have a thing with my voice that makes me unable to pronounce the letter "R". It's been like that since I started talking. I've tried everything to rid myself of it, but it never works.

This caused me to be the center of attention for bullying. They would constantly mimic me, harass me, get me in trouble for things I never did, and took  a picture of me from my Facebook and edit it with the words "Oh Cwap" and post it all over the internet multiple times. One day, somebody even stole almost everything out of my backpack and threw it in the trash. They made fun of me for being in advanced classes and wearing glasses. Every insecurity you can think of, they found and made it a thousand times worse.

Now I'm in seventh grade and it's gotten a lot worse. I have absolutely no friends, my teachers think I stole somebodies violin, even though I was framed, again, but by different people. I've got mild acne, glasses, and a big nose, and I know I'm ugly, people don't need to remind me. I've even started cutting myself. One day, I got slammed into the lockers by some kid that said they would beat me if I didn't hide his marijuana baggies in my backpack until the end of the day.

I've told my parents, but they just say that I need to ignore them.
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Get the hell over it