The Harder I Try...

Does anyone else ever feel like the harder I try, the more everyone opposes me? I mean, even (especially) when I am trying to do something that is good. Like my marriage... the harder I try to fix my relationship with my husband, the more distant he becomes. The harder I try to get along well with my daughter, the more she opposes my every suggestion or request or effort. I tried really hard in my job, to help the people who worked under me be successful and to make their jobs easier--and they opposed everything I said and did to the point that they lied to my bosses and got me fired. The harder I try to make friends, the FEWER friends I have. The harder I try to serve at church, the more I am shut out of opportunities to serve.

My new strategy is to stop trying altogether. Maybe then someone will at least act like they like me.
WhateverAgainAndAgain WhateverAgainAndAgain
Jan 7, 2013