I am a single parent of two teens. I have a wonderful job and house. When my children were 6 and 10 my husband decided to up and move 1200 miles away- no warning --- had himself a girlfriend. Broke ours hearts and took a lot of counseling for myself and the kids. He always lied to the kids about having a new woman in his life. Prior to this he was an excellent dad then it all went downhill. Saw them 1-2 times a year for only a few days. In June 2010 he visited for 5 days- went back home collapsed and died suddenly at the age if 35..... I have yet to get over this loss..... I can't fake it anymore pretending to be happy. I am so unhappy I can't even describe. I don't want to be responsible anymore, don't want to take care of anyone...
Have lost most of my friends... Minimal family --parents both not living--- I just want to cry and bury myself ... Been seeing a therapist yet obviously not doing much......So so tired.....
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You've been through alot, I'm not surprised you're tired. Emotional pain can be draining. I too had a man leave me for another woman and he lied and cheated, and i twas painful for me. It's hard when someone you love betrays you and I also lost someone close to me by a sudden death.I felt the same as you and wanted to bury myself and hide with my tears.Eventually I realised I needed to open my heart and receive healing.It took time but now I'm over those things and enjoying life again.It was the help of a close friend and faith in God that bought me freedom from the pain. I'm a Christian and we're not immune to bad things happening but God is always there to comfort and heal the broken-hearted and there pain.You're not alone and if you need to talk, I'm here and listening.....Much peace and comfort be yours, Joy.

Thank you and through this I did return to church... raised Catholic now attending a Christian non denominational... which at first was wonderful yet in the past year I've drifted away again. How can anyone understand and always feeling different..