Battle Within

Life moves so fast to me it seems like the clock is racing against my dreams
Looking everywhere trying to find a remedy
This misery's got me so sick... like death is the only hope for me
Watching others progress makes me restless and full of frustration
Not understanding what my purpose is each day I'm more impatient
And feel more and more out of place
I'm sick and tired of waiting...
"Things will get better," "You will be Ok."
Hard to believe with the negative thoughts that consume me
If only there was a way to recreate a NEW ME
crymusic crymusic
1 Response Jan 22, 2013


I have found that finding a passion, something that inspires you to make a difference in this world can snap you right out of a depressive state. After all, people like to feel like their lives have meaning and that they are needed in this world :)

What gave me that sort of meaning was veganism and animal rights. It's like it woke me up and awakened my inner empathy. In a world that is becoming more and more apathetic, a resurgence of empathy, connection, and being aware of social issues (and then doing something about them!)would help create a world we'd all like to live in.

Anyway, this speech inspires a lot of people to make a difference in this world, I suggest you check it out.