Did You Know....

Did you know the people that are the strongest are usually the most sensitive....

Did you know the people who exhibit the most kindness are the first to get mistreated....

Did you know the one who takes care of others all the time are usually the one who needs it the most....

Did you know the three hardest things to say are I love you, I'm sorry and most of all help me....

Sometimes just because a person looks happy you have to look past their smile to see how much pain they may be in....

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Surprised I didn't find this sooner.... All points are painfully true.... Too bad whoever posted this deleted. They deserve hugs & cookies....

Every statement described me perfectly wow

This is sad but true describes me

This is so beautiful and true

Took the words out of my mouth.
This relates to me all too well.
And for the others for whom it relates to I wish you the best of luck and hope that you find true happiness soon
I'm still hoping I do.

I can hide it so good that people can not tell, but days, people say that I have the look in my eyes like I am about to explode! But I try to be happy.

Do you know that this is like my life?

Did you know ; YOU are not depressed. You are just having the experience of being depressed. Nor are you ever happy ; it's just an experience passing through you.

i AM a character I am a character who is 'strong' 'patient' 'loving' 'kind' 'quiet' and most of all 'beautiful' unfortunately nobody looks past this and I become another face written in the beautiful empty that is someone elses life, and no matter how bad I want them to, they won't notice because I am /w/h/i/t/e/ /n/o/i/s/e/

Thats a great one. Many deep sojourns into the inner worlds where we all live. Especially us sensitives, the ones who care enough to try to help those around us. We all suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune here on this grim world. Life is hard here for all but a very few, who have money but lack any sensitivities at all. I had rather suffer with humanity than be a lord above my fellow man.

I've seen this tripe posted all over Facebook. It's not even good tripe.

and the girl who wrote this along with 65534 stories deleted her profile. I hope she is okay

So do I. Does anyone know if she is okay?

You touched my heart, please be strong, there are people who care.

You know my opinion is this if you can say I love you so easily then you don't really love that person it mean you never can tell if you truly love a person "stronger " people are actually sensitive how do you think they got strong and continue to grow stronger disrespect comes in a variety of ways lol your defensiveness towards such calm and true words show that it has touched you to the core showing your sensitive side without even knowing it I liked it and agree with it. Everyone compares themselves to society in one form or another that's how trends get started so... to think someone says they don't is rubbish.

All of the above....Correct with me as well. Especially #2! I gave so much of myself to people with Love, caring, material things, you name it, and no one likes to stay close to me. Especially my close family members including my Dad. We were all never close all my life, in my 50's now. And I was always the only one in my family that TRIED to keep close to family all the years. My Mother died in 2011, and it's gotten 10 times worse. I know my Mother was the Glue that kept family somewhat together. But when she died no one even tries a tiny bit to stay close. This still hurts me today. As much as I tried all my life, I stay am hurt today. What really gets me the most is my father. Every get together, holiday, you name it, my dad HAS to have the TV on while we all visit. He never once shut it off just to talk with us visiting, or pay attention to what we all talked about. All these years!! And when we do go over there my son (he's 12) and I (once in a while now) he watches those R rated movies and so many Sex scenes show up and my son is with me. I speak up to my Dad to change it, he makes believe nothing is wrong. My Dad is 85 now. Just like when I was a Young kid growing up alone with no friends, there were many times I wanted a one on one talk with Dad because of personal problems. He would lay on the couch reading the newspaper while I tried to talk with him, and never once put the paper down. And when I did try to talk and he didn't agree with me, he would call me Stupid and other names. When my Mom died, Everyone catered to my dad and made sure if he was alright getting use to our mother gone. But he Never once asked Us kids how we all are doing! And like this day and many years as well, he Never calls any of Us. We always have to call him. And when I asked other family members Why he never calls us, they all say "Well that's the way he is", and just always pass it off. It just shows me again, he does NOT care for us. But yet I am ignored even More by siblings because I don't call him anymore that much. And today like all the other years again, I still get angry at him. Well my son is 12. He gets So Much attention from me on Everything in his Life, we Love each other to death! I sue Hope he stays connected with me the rest of my life. Because he is my Life and Rock. And unlike my father beat me many times with a belt. I never Once hit my son, because he never deserved it. But that was just another way of my father wanting me to leave him alone I think, by hitting me, getting me to leave him alone, off his back.

You have been feeling like this for far too long, I think. You should forgive and forget and really move on. Except him for what he is, it is not your fault and you will never change him. You have the choice let it go and move on, you will feel so relieved. Anger and makes one bitter. I know so many people who are angry and will/cannot let go, it drains them emotionally and is never fair on those around/close to them. It is just not worth it. Don't be a victim, it is no good and makes you vulnerable. Please let go and move on it is never to late and always worth it....

Touching, deep, profound and much more optimistic than my friend- i wish you every hope i can, and wish for a real solution us all, though my own spirits are beng do
used as well.

100% correct in every way !!!


Very nice article. Some of the best writers are those who are depressed. I met an author once at a 12 step program camp who told me her name and when i got home and googled her, i discovered she was an award winning author. I was so envious

This is utter rubbish.
The most sensitive people are the people who are constantly comparing themselves to others.
You can't be mistreated unless you buy into the illusion that there is a right and a wrong with regard to other people's opinions of you. We don't create our own character, other;s do usually with mis-information, gossip and their own filter, which has nothing what so ever to do with who you really are.
I agree somewhat with #3, people do 'need' other people and can become needy
For me the easiest 3 words in the English language are I love you, but then, I am fortuneate enought to know some amazing people. I am sorry comes easy off the lips-if I know I am wrong. Help me would be the hardest for me.
Why would anyone be looking for pain in another or within themselves?

Consider yourself lucky to utter sentiments of sorrow and love. People who are insensitive to others' needs often forget their own state of fortune. Who we are really is still a character in the stage of life despite our projection to others. Helping one another requires sensitivity or a kick in the bum with love…I'd rather be sensitive than dull and stupid regardless of others' assessment of me or anyone else

Every single word is true. It's just the kind of world we live in.
But to be there for others....to help each other out during these times....thats what counts right?
To be a shoulder to lean on.....a pair of arms to wrap around....Thats what makes living in this world just a little better.

I can totally relate to your words. I am a caregiver rescuer and have been told I have the spiritual gift of mercy. Although most days I consider it a curse. I've been hurt, used and taken advantage all my life. I love deeply and I'm often hurt deeply because of it. But until now I've never fully understood why. Your post makes so much sense.

Is this really true? These are very sweeping statements, yet I doubt their veracity; is there any objective evidence to back them up?
My experience of the world, and this is backed up by objective evidence, is that the more you trust people the more they trust you, which would seem to be at odds with Hauntedforever's statements. If she had started the statements with 'In my experience' it would have been sad but honest. It doesn't, however, chime with my experience, and telling me so emphatically my experience is wrong, without evidence to back it up, just makes me so annoyed with it's arrogance.
In addition, to make assertions based on your own experiences and assuming they apply to everyone means that you end up with a false understanding of the world around you, which isn't good. Also, being so wrapped up in yourself that you can't think about your effect on those about you isn't healthy.
As for being a poet, Hauntedforever has a long way to go to match Keats or Whitman, and is more on a par with McGonagle. It's turgid greeting card sentiments and I think other contributors should stop encouraging her to think otherwise.

What is this "Science Weekly".... a bit pretentious don't you think? Good ole common sense, in MOST cases would agree with hauntedforever. The so called science 'proof' that you want can be found in the study of human nature and psychology. Your words are idiotic and uneducated.

So well expressed. In my opinion, you're a fabulous writer

You ask the OP to preface her statements with "In my experience." However, the website is the Experience Project. One would think that the fact that this is her experience could be inferred.

OP did not tell say, "Zythaphile, your experience is wrong." I do not see any ad hominem attack on her part; why take so much offence? How is it "arrogant" that this person is expressing her feelings, which do not happen to agree with your perception of the world? I believe it is simply an earnest expression of emotion and not an attempt to proclaim that others (or you in particular) are wrong.

You are the one telling people how to understand the world around them, not Hauntedforever. Instead of understanding that this post represents how OP feels at the moment, you are the one making ad hominem attacks, proclaiming that OP is "wrapped up" in herself, and criticizing her outpouring of emotion as "turgid greeting card sentiments." What's worse, you encourage others to attack her because she chose to express herself in a way that did not meet your literary standards.

You seem to believe that yours is an informed, objective understanding of the world around you. I hope you are correct. However, how do your acerbic remarks profit you, the OP, or any of the other posters? Do you believe that your critical remarks will somehow make Hauntedforever a better writer or a better person? I believe it is more likely that these remarks would simply deepen the sadness of an already dejected human being. Do you wish to increase the literary knowledge of the fellow users of this site? Such a hostile attitude does not become a would-be instructor.

It seems much more likely that you are merely criticizing Hauntedforever in an attempt to make yourself feel erudite, educated, and superior. I will make the assumption that you are reasonably well educated and intelligent. Why do you even feel the need to prove yourself to others, especially by exacerbating the emotional pain of another person? This indicates that your lack of empathetic response is likely a result of your own insecurity or psychological pain. I hope that you are able to find more happiness in your life, and that you may become more confident in yourself and the intelligence you obviously possess.

Lastly, if you are scouring the internet in search of literary prowess, looking at this site is probably not a productive site use of your time. Maybe you're just passing some spare time, in which case, please be more gentle to those who are depressed. What you believe to be a slight criticism may ruin a depressive person's entire day or keep her up all night.

WOW! Your good! I had to drink another cup of coffee and reread ;)

"........It seems much more likely that you are merely criticizing Hauntedforever in an attempt to make yourself feel erudite, educated, and superior." ←Exactly that Angel, demean another to build self up.

Its an attack when you use offensive words like *garbage* or *stupid* this site is about experiences so one could assume that this is personal also considering the content my help one come to that conclusion also reading comments of others to see if it was a personal experience or just ask think before talking

Its not like shes trying to write a psychological study on depression just making a statemen omg people!

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Some people look very strong , it is also a response mechanism.
They are not actually that strong, so when you somehow mess with that "strong", they get very sensitive.
If one is really strong wont be that sensitive. May even over-react in order to stop what is bothering him. But wont get troubled inside.

That is kind of true, although there isn't universal true when it comes to these issues.

That is also true... and it also tells-me that if you are caring about other ppl all the time you should introspect yourself.
Caring of others is the most honourable and amazing thing anyone can do so i always bow before those people no matter what their reasons are

Help-me is very difficult to say
The fear here is rejection i think, and if you are already in a troubled situation, being rejected might be devastating

You bought up a good point. I think strength, whether emotionally or physically, is relative. Someone could be strong by picking up a weapon to fight, yet be even stronger by walking away. Being strong could be a man showing his emotions, not hiding them inside. I think it's all relative.
But caring for others....showing love for others....helping others in time of need....thats the greatest display of strength. :-)

Yeah ... that is why comedians make others laugh just to hide their sadness.

How true this can be for this is just where i am. But there is one beautiful thing about this people, God loves them most and they can never be defeated. Thank you for posting this!!

So very true.......its amazing how a fake smile can hide so much darkness......can definatly relate
By the way, both pieces you have written are fantastic ;)

I read both of the pieces you posted on this site and they touched me. You are a gifted writer and poet. I agree with everything you wrote in this piece. You have validated many of the truths I have believed most of my life. I would just add that, from my long life experience, there is a fourth 'hardest thing to say' and that is Thank You. Thank you Hauntedforever.

Never really thought about it much, but now that you mention it; it fits so well hmmmmm?
Saying I love you~~~ never a problem; Saying I'm sorry when I've been wrong~~~never a problem; only asked for help once.

That is so true just like me I fake it but no one can see

Very true. This goes along with me.


oh these useless things called emotions....how weak and vulnerable they make us

That's it! Life most times is so unfair.

Thank you for taking the time to write this for others to see, maybe now they will actually look...

I posted that on Facebook last month ....fits on any site.

Wow. Haven't met anyone else who feels the same way... "mistreated" for me is getting used over and over again without anything in return because I am way too nice to people... Which leads to needing to be taken care of. You really hit the spot on this one.

Oh so true. Thank you!

This is beautiful and oh so true...

Soo true

*bows in admiration*
Well done!

This is so true an in the end we not asking for much but the little we ask is to much

This is so very true. I know that in my life I have worn all of those hats at some point and have needed the care and love given returned to me in kind but rarely get it. Most of the time in life, the things you give the most are the things you need the most.

Well said....wishing you happiness and help when you need it....


So true

oh how true, ive spent most of my life telling people to do whatever makes them happy, supporting them for years. the very same people have made my life a living hell, destroying what little self esteem i had. Ive been so busy thinking about others that i dont know how to be selfish, ive had so many things taken from me that i dont get attached to anything or anyone.
Ive made sad people happy, eased the hurt, given my all. I dont thing honesty has any value.
sorry but you struck a chord. you are so very right.


well said n true

This is a wise and honest

WELL said! I find myself in more than one of the things you mentioned, so have found a story that mirrors many of my emotions. THANKS for writing this! *Two thumbs up!*


Your words are wise and hit the button.

Yes, and it will just continue to be that way. Those who need help can't ask for it because they have no idea what kind of help they need, just change, something different, someone different... End up used, abused, and inappropriately acceptable.


your said its very true, and I experience like that too, thanks for you

So true..

that is me...every day... my whole life...

Such words of truth.

wow its all true to :) - thank you for sharing

one of the truest post here on ep

It's true

Couldn't of said it better myself. Amazing story! :)

yeah my parents constantly tell me that i m amazing...but i know i m not!! i am a big failure...i cry most of the time...always far away from success...since childhood. most hardworking. get good scores in class still cud not achieve anything. i know i m responsible fr it. i am lazy...

That was a very motivational paragraph :P

thanks for your kind words :)
btw why did u choose the name "haunted forever"...?

altho i kno i wont!! m scared of it.. bt m nt least happy :(

i want to die ;(

I'm always happy ( this is what they said ) .
I'm always chearful ( This is what they said )
i'm courageaous (This is what they said ).
I'm beautiful (This is what they said ).
I help people all the time (This is what they said )
I want to help others (but who help me ? I don't know and i don't care)
It's true I'm not happy . but no one know , no one care . BUT I will keep smiling ^^ .
I don't play a character . this is what I'm , A chearful and sad one .

Very interesting to me you added the last part, it makes me wonder why you want to fake everybody out?

It's all so true...

It is so true. Sometimes, if people could actually open their opens a bit more they will understand more. And they will help people who need it if they would understand. Thank for this, it is very touching.

That is 100% true and it makes me think that these are some of the words of wisdom people need ;)

Yup,That's true

Yes,definately true that.

I wish I would have read this a month ago

Very true, friend.

This is true sadly most people don't realize or recognize the ones who need it most :-/

Ya dats true

Did you know, it is easy to love than be loved.

Ya I do

My friend, who knows all my pain, showed me this and said this is me.

Really true.
Suits me well :)

Yeah me to .

It's depressing that it does.. :/

This is so true.... It's me. :(

this is so true

i understand this.

Completely true in my opinion.

This is nice to read.. I thought of someone when I read this...

yes this is also totally me, I need a lot of loves, caring and hugs as much as I gave to others... I have a lot of burden ut they think I am a happy person
luv u

This is so true and I see it everyday in my line of work. Very often people hide behind a so called mask and you never really know the true person behind the smile.

So very true. Thank you for writing this.

Very nice.... Thank you! It always helps a bit to know that your not alone! A smile is a true mask, you never know whats hiding behind it! I always say. Have an uplifting day.

Yes!!! I see it and I feel it everyday!!!