My Life...

Life was so great before I had enter this situation I am facing now. Nothing much to say. I got friends around me, I’ve got my family but there is something I feel that is lacking within me. Confidence, lack of self-esteem something that makes me stop from the good things I am thinking. everything is unexplainable and confusing. My life became Depressing and too difficult to face.

The friends around me, They turned their backs on me, thinking that this might be the only way they can escape the horrid that I was suffering. They never knew that it got worst. To tell, they were the tools sent for me to lift me up whenever I am lost. But through-out, they were never really there. I see myself going in the wrong direction.
I chose to follow my own and now,here I am looking for something that could lift me up.

I told myself, there is still hope while I am living here in this world. A hope that no one could give. Now, I have to face life as it is hoping that i can get out of the state im in.

Depression sucks...
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I was in a great spell of depression for a number of years but something changed. I would say my perspective on the matter, on my reality, on my situation and my purpose changed. I stopped thinking of myself and started to take an interest in others. I concluded that if they are picking on and abusing me for no reason, then something must be wrong with them. I turned my interest in revenge into an interest in Psychology and now, 4 year's later, I feel FAR happier than I did before. Find that which kindles you, be it romance, science, art, animal's, video games (I like this one haha) and enjoy it. Expand on it and become someone you are happy being, doing thing's you are happy doing since no one else will know what make's you happy but yourself :)

Thank you for your comment i appreciate it. :)


I have found that finding a passion, something that inspires you to make a difference in this world can snap you right out of a depressive state. After all, people like to feel like their lives have meaning and that they are needed in this world :)

What gave me that sort of meaning was veganism and animal rights. It's like it woke me up and awakened my inner empathy. In a world that is becoming more and more apathetic, a resurgence of empathy, connection, and being aware of social issues (and then doing something about them!)would help create a world we'd all like to live in.

Anyway, this speech inspires a lot of people to make a difference in this world, I suggest you check it out.

Thank you, helped so much :)